Change log

Improvements and bugs fixed in DIVA-GIS

19 May 2011, Version 7.4.0
Fixed point-in-polygons bug that occurred when the polygons file was not selected when opening the dialog and/or no field of the polygon file were selected for the output file

22 Oct 2010, Version 7.2.3
Fixed "import from Excel" bug that truncated large integer numbers
Fixed problem in 'reserve selection' algorithm that could lead to the three resulting grids not matching (because they are actually based on 3 separate runs with random splitting of ties). Now the same random sequence is used 3 times.

20 Oct 2010, Version 7.2.2
Fixed problem with make stack window (button disappearing)

12 Aug 2010, Version 7.2.1
Support for the 'raster files' produced by the R package 'raster' (a minor simplification in the format)
Comparisons of the resolution of raster files (for things like overlay) was somewhat relaxed, to avoid error messages because of rounding. Differences should be within 1%.

30 Nov 2009, Version 7.1.7
Aggregation now supports different x and y factors, rather than a only single factor

25 Oct 2009, Version 7.1.6
Bug removed from transect function
Additional options in ecocrop module

5 Oct 2009, Version 7.1.5
Support for adding or removing features from a set of selected features (press the Ctrl key when selecting).
Fixed selection to shapefile for multi-part polygons.

1 Oct 2009, Version 7.1.4
Fixed access violation error in graticule module

26 Sep 2009, Version 7.1.3
Fixed access violation error when creating lines/polygons shp file from text file

21 Sep 2009, Version 7.1.2
Export points shapefile to Google Earth .KMZ (marker options to be done)
Fixed bug in selection to shp file if the selection was made with a query.

8 Sep 2009, Version 7.1.1
Transparency support for gridfile to Google Earth .KMZ

7 Sep 2009, Version 7.1.0
import points from dbf can deal with null points again
nodata handling restored for some gridfiles
introduced warning in points from excel if Office2007 drivers are absent

6 Sep 2009, Version 7.0.10
Added function to export grid to KMZ
Fixed bugs in 'selection to shapefile'
Improved handling of null points in points import

3 Sep 2009, Version 7.0.9
Fixed "empty distance matrix" error in cluster module

2 Sep 2009, Version 7.0.8
Added 'output fields' option to points in polygon
Made it easier to save (and erase) a default project (opens at startup)
fixed bugs in "extract values by points"

1 Sep 2009, Version 7.0.7
fixed "access violation" error when using "save as a tiff" in Design tab
fixed fatal error in points to polygons

24 Aug 2009, Version 7.0.6
fixed "import points from Access file"
added "import points from Excel"
improved compatability with the files produced by the raster package for R.

19 Aug 2009, Version 7.0.5
fixed "import points from DBF file"; Now also works for Foxpro dbf files.

18 Aug 2009, Version 7.0.4
fixed "import points from DBF file". Still fails on DBF files from Foxpro.

18 Aug 2009, Version 7.0.3
fixed import points from text file
fixed shp file projection (replaced with new module, will get better interface).