Climate data

Climate data are available from different sources and in different resolutions.

You need to unzip these files and copy them to the default DIVA-GIS climate data folder: "c:\program files\diva-gis\environ\" or to any another folder, and change the Folder in the "Tools/Options/Climate" window.

Current climate (~1950-2000)

Source: Worldclim, version 1.3, October 2004
Resolution: 10minutes (20 MB), 5 minutes (73 MB), 2.5 minutes (256 MB)

Future climate (2xCO2 climate conditions, CCM3 model)

Source: B. Govindasamy, P. B. Duffy, J. Coquard, 2003. High-resolution simulations of global climate, part 2: effects of increased greenhouse cases. Climate Dynamics 21: 391–404.

These data were subsequently downscaled and matched to the WorldClim estimates of current climate.

Resolution: 10 minutes (20 MB), 5 minutes (73 MB), 2.5 minutes (256 MB)